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Become a resident member of Cantines Island by purchasing an existing home or by buying the last available lot and having a house built just for you. Turnover is low in our community, usually necessitated by marriage, divorce or moving for a new job. Occasional opportunities arise for renting a home for a year or two. We will talk about the potential for homes when you come to visit.
  To schedule a visit, contact Michael Compain at mcompain@hvc.rr.com . Your visit will feature a tour and can include a meeting, and perhaps a meal.
  We have two levels of membership in the community.
  Full resident members live on the grounds of the community. They have a say in all the affairs of the community. They share in all the costs of maintaining the common property.
  Participating members are those who are currently exploring the options of moving to full membership. They may participate in discussions at community meetings but they have no official quorum role or consensus privileges. They may visit and use the common property and facilities whenever they wish. They pay a modest membership fee.

We had a wonderful afternoon this fall harvesting over 100 squash from our community vegetable garden (left). Below see cookie decorating (in Common House dining room), a holiday party (CH living room), and a workday restaining our garage/workshop.


Send questions and comments to: mcompain@hvc.rr.com
or to Cantine's Island Home Owners Association, Saugerties, NY 12477

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