Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Cantine’s Island built?

Planning began in 1990, and the first twelve homes were built in 1997.

Q: How is Cantine’s Island different from a condo community?

We are similar to a condo community in our legal structure of privately owned homes that share common areas. However, cohousing is much more than condominiums, because of our commitment to function as an intentional community with a social network of residents who share the design and operation of the neighborhood.

Q: How is Cantine’s Island governed?

All residents are members of the Homeowners’ Association and attend monthly business meetings where governing decisions are made by consensus. Much of the community’s work is done in committees.

Q: Is there a membership fee to join?

A membership fee was charged when each home was built. Subsequent sales of homes do not require an additional membership fee to the HOA, but the price of a home usually reimburses the seller for the fee that was originally paid.

Q: What are the monthly dues?

The monthly dues are currently $155. Very occasionally the community may agree on an assessment of an additional fee for a special purpose.

Q: What is the process for becoming a member?

There is no application process for purchasing a home in the community. However, interested home buyers are encouraged to become acquainted with the community to determine if it’s a good fit for them. You can visit and attend meals or Friday evening Happy Hour, and perhaps participate in work days, sit in on committee and HOA meetings, and read the By-laws, Policies and User’s Manual.

As part of getting to know the community, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your interest in cohousing.

When you sign a contract of sale, the community has a right of first refusal, meaning it may elect to buy the house ahead of you. To clear the title for your sale, the community will need to waive its right of first refusal. If residents have not previously had an opportunity to get to know you, you may be asked to meet with the Membership Committee and other residents, so we can responsibly determine whether to exercise the right.

When a house sale is complete, the buyer automatically becomes a member of the HOA and the community.

Q: Are rentals available?

Cantine’s Island does not have rental units. However, occasionally a resident may travel for a few months and rent their house while they’re gone.

Q: What is the work requirement?

All members are expected to contribute work to the upkeep of the community, but no quota of hours is specified. There are a wide variety of types of work that are needed to maintain the community, from mowing grass to roles in managing finance.

Q: Is it possible to be an associate member?

Yes, you can be an Associate Member without being a homeowner, by paying Associate Member dues. This is appropriate for individuals who are deciding whether to buy a home, as well as folks who live nearby and would like to participate in community activities.

Q: Does Cantine’s Island have a religious focus?

Cantine’s Island is not organized around a particular religion or spiritual practice. Some community members follow religious practices of various types, as would normally be expected, and we respect each other’s ways. We do observe some holidays in the Common House, but try to do so in a way that is respectful of the fact that others don’t celebrate those holidays.

Q: Do you have guest rooms?

No, we do not have community guest rooms.

Q: Do residents eat meals together?

We have optional group meals in the Common House three evenings a week. Monday evening is a potluck, while Sunday and Thursday meals are cooked in the Common House kitchen by volunteers. On Friday afternoon we gather for Happy Hour, and some residents also get together for lunch on Wednesdays.

Contact us if you would like to request a one-page document that describes expectations of members, in more detail.